Making the Most of the Mix

My speeches have inspired and informed thousands in Public Events, Corporate Meetings, Board Meetings, Leadership Summits, D&I Councils and Conferences, and Global Webcasts, including:

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The Conference Board Diversity and Inclusion Forums in Chicago, Toronto, Amsterdam, Geneva, New York, Brussels, Munich. The Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium in Ontario. The Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. Engineers Without Borders Rethink Conference in Toronto. International Baccalaureate Schools Conference in Ottawa. International Diversity & Inclusion Seminar in Barcelona. Brown University D&I Summit. The World Diversity Leadership Summit at Harvard and the The United Nations Commission on Status of Women in New York, and more.

Business executives, D&I leaders, and HR change agents in cross-sector organizations around the world are being challenged to break free of conventional paradigms to rethink D&I and they are taking action to refresh the future of Diversity and Inclusion.

Popular speaking topics include

Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation

Breakthrough D&I Innovation Lab

Break Free of Tradition to Break Through to Innovation with D&I

Innovation and Inclusion: Helping Each Other to Help Businesses Grow

Innovation and Inclusion: Changing the Game

Inclusion and Innovation: A Virtuous Cycle

Leveraging D&I for Business Results

Accelerate Mission-Critical Business Results with D&I

Leverage D&I in Mergers & Acquisitions

One Size Does Not Fit All:  Customer Focus for a Full Mix of Customers

Activate D&I Results That Matter

The Crucial Role of Empathy in Entrepreneurship

Next Generation D&I

The Future of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Leaders: Evolving Roles and Competencies

From Best Practices to Next Practices: Connect. Create. Propel.

Advance Business Success with Next Generation Diversity and Inclusion

Contemporary Gender Balance and Inclusion

D&I Change Management

Changing the Way We Change Minds:  Influence Leaders to Commit to D&I

D&I in your DNA: Overcoming Stubborn Barriers to Diversity

Tostan:  Generational Change in 3 Years

How to Build Your D&I Strategy

Taking Diversity and Inclusion Global

Speeches can be created and tailored for your specific needs.

Selected Events


D&I Ecosystem Transformation

Diversity and Inclusion Academies

New York, NY | Los Angeles, CA

D&I in your DNA: Integrative Strategies

Diversity and Inclusion Academies

New York, NY | Los Angeles, CA

Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Labs

Diversity and Inclusion Academies

New York, NY | Los Angeles, CA


Design the Future: A Whole New Approach to Driving and Measuring Inclusion

The Conference Board of Canada 2019 Inclusive Workplaces Conference

Toronto, Ontario

Saying "I do" to the Marriage of D&I and Innovation: A D&I Practitioner's Guide to Inclusion Innovation Labs and Human Centered Design

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

Minneapolis, MN

Making the most of the mix: Talent acquisition breakthroughs with D&I

Talent Rising Summit

Milwaukee, WI

D&I Results That Matter

Annual Diversity & Inclusion Conference

New York, NY

Design the Future of Inclusion

Inclusion Design Lab

San Francisco, CA

D&I's True North

The Conference Board Corporate D&I Conference

New York, NY

Distinctive Events

White House Diversity and Inclusion Round Table and Briefing

White House, April 2016 | Washington DC

President Obama believes our nation is stronger through its commitment to equal opportunity for all. Diversity and inclusion is a top priority of the Administration and has been emphasized throughout the federal government. Following the President’s Executive Order 13583, signed in August 2011, the White House continues to support equal opportunity and inclusion initiatives, conduct trainings on the development of agency-specific strategic plans, and promote government-wide diversity initiatives to deliver on this promise.

The Global Refugee Crisis: Acting with Compassion

International Women’s Forum (IWF), 2019 World Leadership Conference | The Westin Harbour Castle, November 2019 | Toronto, Ontario

Keynote Speaker | ISDI NW Diversity Learning Series 20th Anniversary Celebration: DIVERSITY - EQUITY - INCLUSION: Radical Breakthroughs in Radical Times

Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion (ISDI), July 2018 | Northwest African American Museum, Seattle, Washington

Moving the Needle: Elevating How We Measure Inclusion

The Conference Board of Canada Council of HR Executives, March 2019 | Vancouver, British Columbia

No Barriers Summit: Leadership in Business for Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

No Barriers USA, October 2018 | NYC Intrepid Aircraft Carrier in Manhattan and in Central Park

Building Your D&I Strategy for Sustainable Business-Linked Results

Communitech HRNet Hosted by Miovision, February 2018 | Kitchener, Ontario

Connecting the Dots for Success: Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion

ATD Webcast with Mike Docherty & Marjorie Derven

Leadership and Diversity: Making the Most of the Mix

Triangle Technology Executives Council

Raleigh, NC

A Meeting of the Minds

Brown University National Diversity Summit

Providence, RI


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