Achieving results that matter

You want better results with Diversity and Inclusion, and you know you have to do something different to get there. You need a partner who brings out the best in you and your work so you can make the greatest impact on things you care about most. Whether you are a new D&I leader swimming against the tide or a D&I expert ready to take results to the next level, I have been there.

I can help.

You know you want to work with me when you want to...

MAKE A DIFFERENCE with new ways of working that bridge the gap between where you are and the positive change you want to create.

BE YOUR BEST by levering your strengths, expanding your successes, and growing your capacity to have the impact you desire.

INFLUENCE STAKEHOLDERS with a clear vision and business case motivating commitment to transform your ideas into real value. 

CONNECT with a trusted adviser and a global network of information, ideas, and colleagues encouraging, validating, and supporting you and your work.

SAVE TIME with practical, customized insights, services and programs to help you achieve better, faster, longer-lasting results.

Who Works with Me?

Diversity and Inclusion leaders and their strategic partners across the business who are making the most of next generation D&I to propel business, leadership, and team success.

Experienced D&I leaders ready to take their work to the next level to make a remarkable difference

New D&I leaders and change agents needing practical ways to make a difference

D&I leaders in their make-or-break first 100 days in a new role

Diversity and Inclusion councils, guilds, and committees.