Breakthrough D&I Innovation Lab

My craft. Your creation.

How many times have you heard that D&I relevance to your business is unclear, D&I progress is stagnant, D&I change takes a long time, or D&I efforts are stuck and not moving the needle? If you want different outcomes, you need a different approach. That requires innovation to create greater value with D&I.

Rebekah Steele’s customized, highly interactive innovation labs are a balanced blend of learning experience and practical working session

Each lab is thoughtfully designed to help your organization replace barriers with enablers that can elevate D&I to help your leaders, talent, and business grow. Emphasizing why D&I is critical to leadership and the business, the labs enable participants to let go of limiting beliefs and traditional ways of thinking about D&I and work toward a more progressive, global, and business-relevant framing of D&I. Integrating the principles of D&I with human-centred design thinking, this lab is effective for a wide array of groups varying in size and function, including executive leadership teams, D&I specialist teams, business and cross-functional leaders, Business Resource Groups, D&I councils, and more. A series of labs across your organization can engage and impact a wider cross-section of change agents who progressively build upon outcomes in consecutive labs and in their daily work.

Value Created

Through these labs, participants have an opportunity to increase their capacity to make the most of how innovation and inclusion help each other and to make real shifts in organizational readiness for change, replacing frustration and distraction with renewed optimism, commitment, courage, and energy. The labs engage leaders and change agents to address underlying barriers constraining the value of D&I and powerfully enable their capacity for meaningful, sustainable, innovative impact. These experiences can unleash potential for organizations and leaders to make the most of a full mix of talent, customers, investors, and other stakeholders to turn progressive D&I strategies into business success stories.

Highlights of Participant Insights

Business Impact

“What struck me was that once we realize the business case for D&I, then accepting that change is slow is irresponsible to shareholders. I’m going to carry that message forward so that we go after results more quickly and effectively with innovative approaches.”

Next Practices

I came into this wanting to be told what best practices to do. We need to move from best practices to innovative “next practices” for meaningful results. That includes letting go of what is not working today and creating and executing new ways of working.”

Broad Inclusion

D&I is not about ‘them.’ It is about all of us. We need to include a broad mix and cross-pollinate different thinkers and identities to help the business grow.”

Cohesive Integration

“We need to blend D&I into the way work gets done every day and for every function (not just HR) instead of producing a bunch of segregated programs.”

Positive Momentum

“After seeing D&I come and go over the years, I was feeling hopeless and I wasn’t getting involved. Now I feel refreshed with a renewed and positive energy to take action that will make a difference.”

Collective Intelligence

“I really value this opportunity to sit and think and talk and connect and cross-fertilize. We never get this much time together, but it is really valuable, and we should do more of this. We need to make time to get diversity in a room together and create creative solutions.”

Widespread Transformation

You lose a lot when you try to fit square pegs into round holes. We need to redesign a whole system that works for everyone instead of trying to change outliers to fit in to our current environment.”


“New ideas can come from anywhere. What I will do differently is break the mold in my idea gathering methods and try new approaches.”