My Experience

For more than 2 decades, my work has made a difference with leaders and their global and local organizations across 6 continents.

My work has cultivated results that matter, worldwide, in corporations, international membership and research organizations, professional organizations, multinational non- governmental organizations, local non-profits and start ups, regional governments, universities, and more.


A sample of these organizations include:

What people are saying about my work

“Rebekah can envision where D&Iwork should be in the next 50 years and execute what needs to be done today to lay the foundation in systems, structures and more importantly, mindset…She does this with the grace and skill of a diplomat and the authenticity of a close friend—a rare and refreshing combination” - Nadia Younes, Global Group Adviser, Diversity and Inclusion, Rio Tinto, Switzerland

"Rebekah is a leading expert in D&I and brings important and innovative ideas and insights to everything she does, consistently pushing into new territory.  She is one of the best listeners I've encountered, listening actively and encouraging others to share their thoughts and ideas as openly as possible."  - Alison Maitland, co-author of Why Women Mean Business and Future Work

“It’s my great pleasure to recommend Ms. Rebekah Steele as a coach to individuals who wish to grow as D&I lead or change agent. After completing six times of 30-minute session with her, I find the experience extremely fulfilling, pleasant and precious." - Hisako Kaneko, Chief Diversity Officer, Japan

“Rebekah has changed paradigms about what diversity is about, who it applies to (everyone) and how it can be leveraged to yield tangible business results.” - Michelle Grocholsky, Senior Manager, Client Experience, BMO Canada

“Rebekah brings a highly evolved and integrated systems approach with contemporary leadership, supportive coaching and a high involvement mindset… an always refreshing and authentic viewpoint.”  - Tim Galusha, Principal, TMG Associates USA

"Thank you for an inspiring and thought provoking salon yesterday. My mind is still spinning with insights and a fresh awareness of how much more effective I and the charities I'm involved with could be in truly taking a community-based, inclusive approach."  - Karen Greve-Young, Director Strategic Initiatives, MaRS Discovery District, Canada

Educational Background

In completing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology at William and Mary, I built a strong understanding of organizational dynamics, cultural norms, and social stratification challenges, as well as a foundation of quantitative and qualitative research and statistical methods. Some of my most engaging Sociology classes had titles like Social Problems, Deviance, and Changing Gender Roles, but I also loved the classes I took in Philosophy, Biology, Ethics, Writing, White Water Canoeing, Adventure Games (featuring a high ropes course and similarly daunting challenges), and my multidisciplinary Honors studies wherein I took a special interest in examining the intersection of gender diversity, cultural diversity, and philosophical relativism.  William and Mary’s liberal arts setting provided an interdisciplinary, systems thinking orientation fostering my continuing cross-fertilization of ideas and heuristics across disciplines, rigorous critical thinking skills, and a systemic approach to sustainable change. It also reinforced my broad curiosity and eagerness to learn.

I continued my education with a Master's degree from the Institute for Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois which built my base of strategic human resources management capabilities and the beginnings of my business acumen. My coursework was supplemented by an internship wherein I designed a marketing plan for a Fortune 100 company's Training and Development Centre of Excellence which had recently assumed P&L responsibility. My classroom learning was also augmented by an independent exploration of strategic diversity management as the field of diversity began to "grow up" to be about more than compliance with equity and human rights regulations and more than valuing differences.  At that time the field was in an early phase of emerging as a business imperative and business enabler.

Continuing professional development has included Executive Education at University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and the College of Executive Coaching, as well as courses in marketing, finance, leadership, and social innovation generation.  I am also certified in Myers-Briggs, Six Sigma, and DeBono Parallel Thinking.

I have a high appetite for learning and a voracious appetite for opportunities to apply my learning and working experiences to make a difference with results that matter in Diversity and Inclusion.

Learning Highlights


MLIR, University of Illinois, USA

BA, William and Mary, USA

Certifications & Professional Development

College of Executive Coaching

University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business - Executive Education

Professional Development courses including marketing, finance, leadership, change management and social innovation generation


Six Sigma

Parallel Thinking