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Design the Future: Breakthroughs to results that matter with diversity, inclusion, and design thinking

Today’s D&I best practices are not delivering the results we need for individuals, organizations, or society. We need D&I breakthroughs to fuel widespread, sustainable changes. Transformative ways of thinking and working can help us create organizations where a full mix of people are included and can fully contribute. As we devote ourselves to thoughtfully and comprehensively re-designing our organizations to deliver on the full promise of D&I, we can be energized by the possibility that the house of tomorrow might look very little like the one of today.

Radical, systemic, and lasting change is challenging, but we are up to the task. Within our D&I community and across our organizations, we have the benefit of great minds and vast experiences. To make the most of these, we need strategies to unleash the innovation that can advance D&I. And design thinking can help.

We must do better with D&I, and design thinking can help. That’s what this book is about.