I am committed to Diversity Breakthroughs

At my core, I am driven by a strong desire to do work that matters. I am drawn to D&I breakthroughs that bring out the best in you and your organizations to make the meaningful difference you want and need to make. This requires continuous innovation to bring a new lens to the familiar, cross-pollinate ideas, and discover groundbreaking understandings, actions and impacts.

To design breakthroughs, I question the status quo, scratching below the surface to examine systems and structures along with individual behaviours and group interactions. I collaborate with a wide variety of partners, and I sample broadly across disciplines and cultures to find new ideas to integrate into my work. I seek better ways of working to achieve better outcomes, and I thrive when cultivating potential in others, individually and collectively, in ways that enable shifts in how you create worthwhile value to make your workplaces and your world better.

Launching and leading D&I strategies in both premier organizations and promising start-ups across sectors and around the world has emphasized to me the value in building new paths to better outcomes. I have also gained valuable experience from being on Boards of Directors, including with the remarkable Tostan organization.  My education, experiences, and network of experts, best practices and research provide me the agency to thoughtfully and rigorously engage in dynamic paths of exploration, ideation, and implementation of generative solutions that address the complexity of contemporary D&I challenges and opportunities.

If we are satisfied with the status quo, we can keep doing what we’ve already done in D&I and get the same kind of positive, but slow and insufficient results.  I cannot settle for such thin progress in D&I.  The stakes are too high.  Therefore, I believe innovations in D&I are necessary to accelerate positive outcomes for individuals, for organizations, and for society. 

We can and must design better solutions. That is why I employ coaching, learning experiences, transformation labs, and other ways of working that help people like you create new and customized ways of making the most of D&I so that we can achieve better, more rapid results that matter.